Our Team

  • Sales

    Charles Desroches
    Charles Desroches General Manager / Co-Owner 506-353-2886 506-737-7510 Send an Email
    Brian Clavette
    Brian Clavette Sales Manager 5063532886 5062539143 Send an Email
    Marie-Christine Levesque
    Marie-Christine Levesque Business Manager 5063532886 5067331112 Send an Email
    Stephane Aubut
    Stephane Aubut Sales Consultant 5063532886 5067403598 Send an Email
    John Hachey
    John Hachey Sales Consultant 5063532886 5067373226 Send an Email
    Geneviève Dubé
    Geneviève Dubé Sales Consultant 5063532886 5067403416 Send an Email


    Julie Bouchard
    Julie Bouchard Receptionist 5063532886 Send an Email
    Nicole Moreau
    Nicole Moreau Controller 506-353-2886 Send an Email

    Parts and Service

    Michel Bois
    Michel Bois Service manager 5063532886 5067369818 Send an Email
    Éric Daigle
    Éric Daigle Parts Manager 5063532886 Send an Email
    Kurt Pelletier
    Kurt Pelletier Sevice advisor 5063532886 5069925598 Send an Email
    Stéphane Dubé
    Stéphane Dubé Certified Technicien 506-353-2886
    Keven Marmen
    Keven Marmen Certified Technicien 506-353-2886
    Fernand Fraser
    Fernand Fraser Technician 506-353-2886
    Pierre Beaulieu
    Pierre Beaulieu Technician 506-353-2886

Our qualified staff is always dedicated to serving you at their best. Either by phone, email, or passing by our dealership, you can always get answer to your questions.