Our Team

  • Sales

    Charles Desroches
    Charles Desroches General Manager / Co-Owner 506-353-2886 506-737-7510 Send an Email
    Brian Clavette
    Brian Clavette Sales Manager 506-353-2886 506-740-2835 Send an Email
    Marie-Christine Levesque
    Marie-Christine Levesque Business Manager 506-353-2886 506-733-1112 Send an Email
    Stéphane Aubut
    Stéphane Aubut Sales Consultant 506-353-2886 506-740-3598 Send an Email
    Ricky Levasseur
    Ricky Levasseur Sales Consultant 506-353-2886 418-860-7861 Send an Email
    Gilles Bérubé
    Gilles Bérubé Sales Consultant 506-353-2886 Send an Email


    Julie Bouchard
    Julie Bouchard Receptionist 506-353-2886 Send an Email
    Nicole Moreau
    Nicole Moreau Controller 506-353-2886 Send an Email

    Parts and Service

    Michel Bois
    Michel Bois Service manager 506-353-2886 506-736-9818 Send an Email
    Steve Ringuette
    Steve Ringuette Service advisor 506-353-2886 Send an Email
    Daniel Fraser
    Daniel Fraser Parts clerk 506-353-2886 Send an Email
    Stéphane Dubé
    Stéphane Dubé Certified technicien 506-353-2886
    Keven Marmen
    Keven Marmen Certified technician 506-353-2886
    Fernand Fraser
    Fernand Fraser Technician 506-353-2886
    Pierre Beaulieu
    Pierre Beaulieu Certified technician 506-353-2886
    Dannik Byram
    Dannik Byram Apprentice technician 506-353-2886
    Gaetan Bosse
    Gaetan Bosse Detailing 506-353-2886
    Eddie Bernier
    Eddie Bernier Esthetic 506-353-2886

Our qualified staff is always dedicated to serving you at their best. Either by phone, email, or passing by our dealership, you can always get answer to your questions.